false startchapter one

false start
chapter one

Sharp and jagged pain spears through my side, making me suck in a hard, deep breath. My teeth dig into my mouthguard as I growl low in my throat. Glancing up at the pack as they skate into position, I meet Tilly the Hun’s mean eyes. They crinkle at the corners when...
penalty boxchapter one

penalty box
chapter one

“You know, Jackson, I could have taken the skates off for this. Hell, I could have even done it myself.” Maisy Flynn, jammer for Galloway Bay’s local roller derby team, Beautifully Brutal, props herself up on her elbows from where she lays across the check-in counter....

twisted prince
chapter one

There is nothing like the first deep drag of good weed.I suck the heavy, sweet smoke into my lungs and close my eyes, waiting for the first punch of “I don’t give a fuck” the THC gods promise.Anything to take the edge off being stuck in the sticks of Vermont, hidden...