seducing saint nick

God grant me the serenity to not choke the wildcard of rich bitches. . .

Charlie fucking McAllister.
My best friend’s little sister.
Tormentor extraordinaire.
Star of my every trauma as a teenager.
And thanks to our mother’s and their matchmaking schemes for our annual ski weekend. . . my unexpected savior.
Or ruin.
One weekend as a couple, putting on a show for our parents while avoiding our exes. 
How hard could it be?
Until we’re stuck sharing a room.
A room with one bed.
And a sex toy arsenal the spawn brought with her big enough to subdue a small country. 

I promised not to fuck Chance’s baby sister, but who was going to keep her from fucking me?

Brother’s Best Friend
Enemies to Lovers
Forced Proximity / One Bed
Big D energy via twice baked potato
An arsenal of sex toys needing luggage of it’s own
A Wanachi Mega Wand that likes to be the little spoon